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Prohibited Items
Items we won't carry or unsupported items.
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Items we won't carry or unsupported items.

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How To Use Royal Delivery Service

It’s easy to use Royal Delivery Service. You can access our services using any of the following options:

If you send courier packages regularly, then a Royal Delivery Service account is the best option for you. To find out more about opening an account with us, simply fill in our and a Royal Delivery Service Business Manager will contact you to discuss your needs further.

Credit Card
You can buy Royal Delivery Service products online with your credit card.

Buy from one of our branches
You can purchase and send courier items from any one of our branches.

Buy direct from our couriers
You can buy directly from our couriers. Simply ask your Royal Delivery Service for an order form or a copy of our ‘Buy Direct from Me’ brochure.

What are your delivery requirements?
  • We specialize in the delivery of time sensitive printed material
  • Door to Door Delivery Distribution
  • Commercial Delivery
  • Non-Commercial Delivery
  • Pallet Breakdown and Redistribution
  • 24/7 365 Delivery Service
  • Secure Warehouse and Distribution Service
  • Short and Long Term Warehouse Services
  • On Demand "RUSH" Deliveries
  • General Freight
  • High Value freight
  • Palletized and non-Palletized Freight
  • Unconventional Freight
  • Small animals